General concept of life

How many people did it take to make me like this?

How many people did it take to make me like this?

In taxi from wave after haircut to uschod to go to Smalivichi for airport for sister

TaXi driver very spontaneous and somehow careless about to miss me near the pick up point, to the degree i had to wave and jump to stop him.

Just noticed him not looking to the map to get prepared in advance to get to the right lane

I was prepared and gave him the fare. He is young

And all of a sudden bam! Flashback to my 20s where i was spontaneous to many business people back in UAE and I wonder how many people were patient with me. They all formed the “me” sitting here.

What about parents? Lifetime patience. Huh?

There I go in the stream of my thoughts. Parents and their patience toward my actions. What’s the best way to give back? to be consciously thankful to the universe!

I got a question raised in my head about today experience with young taxi driver and that is:

Why does Young generation act immature?

There are many reasons why young people may act immaturely. Some possible factors could include:

  1. Developmental stage: It is important to remember that young people are still in the process of growing and developing, and may not yet have fully developed the skills and abilities of an adult. This can sometimes lead to immature behavior.
  2. Lack of life experience: Young people often have less life experience than adults, and may not yet have developed the skills and perspective needed to handle certain situations in a mature manner.
  3. Peer pressure: Young people may act immaturely in order to fit in with their peers or to gain acceptance.
  4. Lack of guidance: Young people may act immaturely if they have not received adequate guidance or support from adults in their lives.
  5. Stress or other mental health issues: Immature behavior can sometimes be a sign of underlying stress or other mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

It is important to remember that immaturity is a normal part of development, and that young people often mature and become more responsible as they grow older and gain life experience.

The other subject begs the question here after what I saw, is:

By average how many people did influence my life?

It is difficult to quantify the average number of people who influence one person, as it can vary greatly depending on an individual’s personal and professional relationships, as well as their social and cultural context. Some people may be more influenced by a small number of close relationships, while others may be influenced by a larger group of people in their lives.

It is also important to note that people are not always equally influenced by those around them. Some individuals may be more influential or have a greater impact on others, while others may have less influence. Additionally, people’s level of influence can change over time and can be influenced by various factors, such as their personality, communication style, and level of expertise or authority.

Ultimately, the number of people who influence an individual can vary significantly, and it is important to recognize and consider the influence of a range of individuals in one’s life.