General concept of life

To be pleasant enough

To be pleasant enough

To enter each other’s world is people s daily routine.

The question for us is how pleasantly we prepared ourselves to be explored.

The kingdom which you are the king of it, how well it is groomed?!

How much are you ready to host others?

To understand and greet them

Read “The Art of Influence: Persuading Others Begins With You” by Chris Widener. Link here

He clearly mentions in the book about the art of fishing not hunting. to be the person of undivided integrity. To Put people’s interest before your interest and to spend well for education of others when you receive well.

Here are some key points from the book:

  • Influence is the ability to affect the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others.
  • To be influential, you must first have a clear understanding of your own values, beliefs, and goals, and be confident in your ability to achieve them.
  • To persuade others, you must be able to clearly communicate your ideas and present them in a compelling manner.
  • To be effective at influencing others, you must be able to connect with them on an emotional level and build trust and rapport.
  • Empathy and understanding are key to building successful relationships and persuading others.
  • To be a successful influencer, you must be willing to listen to others and be open to their ideas and perspectives.
  • To persuade others, you must be able to clearly communicate the benefits of your ideas and how they can help achieve the other person’s goals.

To be a pleasant person, there are a few key things you can try to do:

  1. Practice good manners: Saying “please,” “thank you,” and other polite phrases can go a long way in making you more pleasant to be around.
  2. Be respectful of others: Treating others with kindness and respect is essential for building positive relationships and being a pleasant person.
  3. Show empathy: Trying to understand and relate to others’ feelings can help you be more understanding and compassionate.
  4. Practice good communication skills: Being a good listener and speaking in a respectful and clear manner can help you be more pleasant to be around.
  5. Be positive: Focusing on the good things in life and being optimistic can help you be more pleasant to be around.

By practicing these behaviors, you can work to be a more pleasant and enjoyable person to be around.