point of view on personality types

Instructions VS Nagging

I was reading about Prometheus and  Epimetheus in Greek mythology. I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and brainstorming the beauty of the people s differences (read more).

There are people who are in advanced (forethought) ready and well prepared. They do their homework and they are more of Prometheus brother type of personality where if they want to team up and make a group work they will be giving instructions cause they are well prepared on upper hand. They know more about the details of what they want.

There are people who also know what they want (afterthought) but after things are already materialised or while it is almost done in the process of getting finished. Almost there is no way back to undo the process and therefore they choose to say what they wanted! with grief and maybe blaming others if fairly done themselves.

Well, I can Get a lesson for myself where to think ahead of matters wit knowledge and plan. of course minding the “overthinking” is important too.

Nagging and constructive talk are two very different approaches to communication.

Nagging is persistent and annoying complaining or urging that often becomes repetitive and irritating. It is often done in an attempt to persuade or influence someone to do something, but it can be ineffective and can create resentment or tension in a relationship.

Constructive talk, on the other hand, is a positive and respectful approach to communication that is focused on finding solutions and resolving issues. It involves expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in a way that is open and honest, while also being considerate of the needs and perspectives of others. Constructive talk is often more effective in resolving conflicts and improving relationships.

Here are a few key differences between nagging and constructive talk:

  • Tone: Nagging is often characterized by a critical or judgmental tone, while constructive talk is more open and respectful.
  • Focus: Nagging tends to focus on the negative and what is not working, while constructive talk is more focused on finding solutions and improving the situation.
  • Effect: Nagging can be damaging to relationships and can create resentment or tension, while constructive talk can help improve relationships and resolve conflicts.

Have a nice time!