What is Overthinking

What is Overthinking

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“Many of us are familiar with the experience of overthinking, even if we haven’t defined it as such. Generally, “overthinking” refers to the process of repetitive, unproductive thought. Since thoughts can be focused on many different things, research has generally differentiated between “rumination” about the past and present, and “worry” about the future. Regardless of which word we use, we are talking about constant thought loops that don’t seem to have a resolution.”

Overthinking will be the time where the frequency of our hesitation between choices in near future will get extremely high, so that the confusion will spin us around ourselves.

  • Which one is mine?
  • To do or not to do.
  • If not these/those, then what?

…Only some examples, does it ring the bell?

Hormones and Me How to make myself better

Coffee and productivity

Coffee and productivity

How about the effect of coffee on my brain and the relationship of it with my daily productivity?

Is it possible that coffee helps me to think more clear and make better decisions?

I have tried to understand this since 2012 and God I must quit my jobs and study about it thoroughly to make sure i know what i am saying. Yet there is not time for that, therefore I prefer to Speak based on my own daily experiences!

General concept of life

Purchasing power and judger personality

Is availability of cash related to being judger personality

Carpe diem for limited cash?

Is it a way to being tought by universe

General concept of life

How to look?

How to look

The way I look is merely the way i am inside.

The important part is do I wanna enter to other people s kingdom? People need interesting person peacefully in their inner world. They want to enjoy life.

So groom. Take care of the outer world as my inner world.

Let’s do it

General concept of life

How many people did it take to make me like this?

How many people did it take to make me like this?

In taxi from wave after haircut to uschod to go to Smalivichi for airport for sister

TaXi driver very spontaneous and somehow careless about to miss me near the pick up point, to the degree i had to wave and jump to stop him.

Just noticed him not looking to the map to get prepared in advance to get to the right lane

I was prepared and gave him the fare. He is young

And all of a sudden bam! Flashback to my 20s where i was spontaneous to many business people back in UAE and I wonder how many people were patient with me. They all formed the “me” sitting here.

What about parents? Lifetime patience. Huh?

There I go in the stream of my thoughts. Parents and their patience toward my actions. What’s the best way to give back? to be consciously thankful to the universe!

I got a question raised in my head about today experience with young taxi driver and that is:

Why does Young generation act immature?

There are many reasons why young people may act immaturely. Some possible factors could include:

  1. Developmental stage: It is important to remember that young people are still in the process of growing and developing, and may not yet have fully developed the skills and abilities of an adult. This can sometimes lead to immature behavior.
  2. Lack of life experience: Young people often have less life experience than adults, and may not yet have developed the skills and perspective needed to handle certain situations in a mature manner.
  3. Peer pressure: Young people may act immaturely in order to fit in with their peers or to gain acceptance.
  4. Lack of guidance: Young people may act immaturely if they have not received adequate guidance or support from adults in their lives.
  5. Stress or other mental health issues: Immature behavior can sometimes be a sign of underlying stress or other mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

It is important to remember that immaturity is a normal part of development, and that young people often mature and become more responsible as they grow older and gain life experience.

The other subject begs the question here after what I saw, is:

By average how many people did influence my life?

It is difficult to quantify the average number of people who influence one person, as it can vary greatly depending on an individual’s personal and professional relationships, as well as their social and cultural context. Some people may be more influenced by a small number of close relationships, while others may be influenced by a larger group of people in their lives.

It is also important to note that people are not always equally influenced by those around them. Some individuals may be more influential or have a greater impact on others, while others may have less influence. Additionally, people’s level of influence can change over time and can be influenced by various factors, such as their personality, communication style, and level of expertise or authority.

Ultimately, the number of people who influence an individual can vary significantly, and it is important to recognize and consider the influence of a range of individuals in one’s life.

General concept of life

How to Love

How to Love

Love is a broad subject, to love is to let them flourish.

To love is to help

To Love is to be patient and let them do the thinking and we be the light.

To Love is the self control.

To Love is to contain yourself. To Know theyself and deal with mental and psychological instruments.

To Love you need to have power.

To Love you must have vision of better future.

Troubles are the motivation of moving toward them so melt them to love them and solve them

to be continued…

Hormones and Me How to make myself better



These days I adore myself reading about Dopamine and understanding more about tiny tiny production of this golden hormone in my body. What is this so effective in my blood stream?

Why do I do need Dopamine?

Why am I so seeking to have it?

Should I make it up and down?

Does the fluctuation of the Dopamine help me to motivate myself?

dopamin, mj,dastouri,
General concept of life

What we ask will be given.

I asked for Strength and God (Alive Highly Responsive Super Intelligent accurately Fair Universe) gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome.

I asked for Love and God gave me troubled people to help.

point of view on personality types

Instructions VS Nagging

I was reading about Prometheus and  Epimetheus in Greek mythology. I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and brainstorming the beauty of the people s differences (read more).

There are people who are in advanced (forethought) ready and well prepared. They do their homework and they are more of Prometheus brother type of personality where if they want to team up and make a group work they will be giving instructions cause they are well prepared on upper hand. They know more about the details of what they want.

There are people who also know what they want (afterthought) but after things are already materialised or while it is almost done in the process of getting finished. Almost there is no way back to undo the process and therefore they choose to say what they wanted! with grief and maybe blaming others if fairly done themselves.

Well, I can Get a lesson for myself where to think ahead of matters wit knowledge and plan. of course minding the “overthinking” is important too.

Nagging and constructive talk are two very different approaches to communication.

Nagging is persistent and annoying complaining or urging that often becomes repetitive and irritating. It is often done in an attempt to persuade or influence someone to do something, but it can be ineffective and can create resentment or tension in a relationship.

Constructive talk, on the other hand, is a positive and respectful approach to communication that is focused on finding solutions and resolving issues. It involves expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in a way that is open and honest, while also being considerate of the needs and perspectives of others. Constructive talk is often more effective in resolving conflicts and improving relationships.

Here are a few key differences between nagging and constructive talk:

  • Tone: Nagging is often characterized by a critical or judgmental tone, while constructive talk is more open and respectful.
  • Focus: Nagging tends to focus on the negative and what is not working, while constructive talk is more focused on finding solutions and improving the situation.
  • Effect: Nagging can be damaging to relationships and can create resentment or tension, while constructive talk can help improve relationships and resolve conflicts.

Have a nice time!

point of view about IT world

iMac 2022

iMac 2022

I adore the design of the new iMac where apple slimed again the hardwares into lesser and lighter Computer. Smart! they separated the charger! haha! great

iMac 2022


The most desirable color is navy blue or silver which I would buy it

Point of View from Movies

Three Thousand Years of Longing – Три тысячи лет желаний

The movie was one of my favorite. The fact that she could enjoy the moment and the music “Raucous Skies and Song of Transference” was well harmonized with the scene was nicely communicating with my higher dimensions!